Strategic Social Media Implementation for the Transport Industry
11 July 2012, The Sebel Surry Hills Sydney

Strategic Social Media Implementation: Improving service to and engagement with staff, partners and clients

11 July 2012, The Sebel Surry Hills Sydney

Registration: 8:30 am
Workshop starts: 9:00 am
Morning refreshments and networking: 10:45am
Networking lunch: 12:30pm
Afternoon refreshments and networking: 3:15pm
Workshop ends: 5:00 pm

Facilitated by: Lance Scoular, The Savvy Navigator, Key Directions

About the workshop:

The transport industry has always been one of continued evolution since the invention of the wheel. In contemporary times, the developments, whether physical, process or digital, have been fast paced and driven by competitive forces.

It would seem, in general, that social media as an additional communication solution and service has slipped under the transport industry radar.

This workshop provides a strategic view of how social media can provide better connectivity and engagement within a transport organisation (small, medium or large) and also with their partners and clients to enhance its competitive advantage.

Sessions include:

• What is social media and why should your company be engaged?

• Discussion: why has social media uptake in the transport sector been so dismal?

• Conducting a cost/ benefit analysis.

• Developing social media strategies and policies.

• Choosing the best social media tools and application for your organisation.

• Business culture considerations internal and external

• Optimising your organisations take up and staff buy in.

• Blending social media with your current marketing model.

• Mobile device considerations in your digital planning.

• Creating and nurturing social networks and communities.

• Social Learning Initiatives - the new up skilling driver: enabling how people really learn in the trenches - from one another.

• What will your social media "EGG" be: battery of free range?

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About the workshop leader:

Lance Scoular is “The Savvy Navigator” of Key Directions.

With over 40 years as a practitioner and facilitator in the International Trade and Transport sector, Lance, initially a social media sceptic and dismissive of LinkedIn and Facebook invitations he received, became a passionate social media advocate after he had an “aha moment” in January 2009.

Since that time Lance, a self confessed “virtual luddite” has developed, tested and implemented various “common sense” strategies not only for himself, but also for a select group of professionals in PR, Marketing, Media and the Arts.

Back in 2000, he developed, organised and delivered nationwide, 47 “GST Start-Up Seminars for the International Transport Sector” for the GST Start-Up Office and a consortium of the Australian Federation of International Forwarders, Australian Institute of Export, Australian Shipping Federation & Liner Shipping Services. Other partners included: Australian Taxation Office, AusIndustry, and State and Territory Export Councils.

Lance reflects, “If social media was around back then, my training task would have been a hell-of-a-lot easier.”

He continues to conduct his long running F2F 2 day course “Importing & Exporting and Overview of the Basics” and has recently launched it globally online via a Social Learning Platform.

Lance also conducts a number of courses on Social Media Marketing for Small/Home Based Businesses both offline and online, two of which are government funded.

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